Nóra Király 

2(vocals, gothic harp, cromorne, percussions)

Born in Pécs, the French teacher and translator is devoted to medieval, Renaissance, Hungarian and other archaic folk music as a singer. Throughout the past decade, she has performed several concerts in Hungary, Switzerland and France. Between 2011 and 2015 she played medieval music in France as a member of duo Nóra&moy alongside Xavier Terrasa (Obsidienne, Millenarium, Amadis, Joër, La Maurache, etc.). She founded ANNO Musica in summer 2014 with András Bergics and has been a member of early music band Recercare Régizene Műhely since 2015.


András Bergics

(violins, lute, koboz, bagpipe, hurdy gurdy, shalmei, crumhorn, mandolin, bouzouki, flutes)

Music is definitely in his blood, as he was born to a musical family in Pécs. Keeping the family tradition alive, he studied music at the College of Nyiregyháza and became a teacher of folk music. The former member of the renown Zengő ensemble is now active in the urban/folk/underground world of Budapest with bands such as A Köztársaság Bandája (AKB) or hungarian folk band PásztorHóra.   He founded ANNO Musica with Nóra Király in 2014.

ANNO Quartet


László Szlama

(koboz, vocals, shalmei)

Master’s student and professor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, undeniably one of the most celebrated young folk musicians in Hungary.  The Junior Prima award winner (2012) is actively participating prestigious events abroad just as often as in Hungary: a tour with the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble in the USA, a performance in Trieste on behalf of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence and many more. He was chosen to be a member of the ‘Excellence Club’ of MKB Bank and was among the 50 young talents in magazine La Femme. He performs frequently with his mentor, world-famous opera singer Erika Miklósa, and was on stage several times with the Dresch Mihály Band in the Great Hall of the Liszt Academy and the Palace of Arts (Müpa). He played in the Cistercian Abbey of Zirc, the Royal Castle of Gödöllő, the Palace of Arts (Müpa), the Liszt Academy, Sziget festival, and the list goes on and on! He is the koboz player of countless bands, including the Szlama Band and Pásztorhóra.


Gergely Okos 

3(drums / percussions)

Being a spontaneous and open-minded musician, this extremely versatile drummer is comfortable in the fields of Hungarian folk music, jazz, rock and even modern electronic music.  The most well-known bands he plays in are Gajdos, Gourmand, Ethnofil, Neofolk and PásztorHóra.